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Green D'Tox
(fiber, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals)

In today’s fast paced lifestyle eating right and healthy may be difficult. Good thing there’s Green Detox.

Green Detox helps to detoxify the body through its all-natural ingredients. In the process, it will help to shed off those excess pounds caused by eating too much fat. Apart from Psyllium, Spirulina and crushed fruits and vegetables — Green D'Tox, contains digestive enzymes to ensure food is broken down and converted into energy. Green D'Tox contains the three essential enzymes: Amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates and serves as a glucose balancer; Lipase for the complete digestion of fat, control high cholesterol, diabetes and balancing fatty acids; Protease for the digestion of protein and increases the production of energy. No hunger pangs, no messy maintenance, Green Detox makes clean living, really easy.

Green D'Tox
Green Detox and Weight Loss
The ultimate program to lose those pounds fast is to combine a detox/weight-loss product with the latest non-invasive technology. A combination of Green Detox and Ultra lipo or Radio Frequency slimming machine provides immediate results; guaranteeing that you maintain that shapely figure and reduced weight.
Supporting this method of rapid and sustained weight loss as the best weight management solution are clinical research and successful patient outcomes. With no surgeries, no “down-time” and no “rebound”, this solution can more than hold its own versus diet pills, which promise immediate results but can back fire with immediate weight gain.
With Green Detox and Ultra Lipo or RF you will:

• Lose weight

• Reshape your body

• Clear up skin and blemishes

• Cleanse the colon

• Detoxify the liver

• Nourish your hair, skin and nails

• Lessen sugar and food cravings

• Promote efficient digestion

• Feel and look better
Green D'Tox 5s
Everyday we are exposed to many toxins and chemicals, in the food we eat and the environment. We lead such stressful lives that eating right, getting enough rest and exercise is nearly impossible. Why is the combination treatment really effective for weight loss?
Using diet pills may give you the weight reduction result you want; however, if not coupled with exercise there is a noticeable muscle loss and pallor after the weight loss, because it depletes your body of vital fluids. This is because most weight reduction pills aim for you to have less food intake or eliminate fats through frequent bowel movements stripping the body of the required nutrients.
Green Detox comes in as a timely health solution which provides detoxification and cleansing while replenishing your body with the nutrients it needs to ensure optimum function of all the organs. It contains the recommended RDA of fibre, plus enzymes, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Moreover, Green Detox does not only assist in the weight loss but detoxifies your body while replacing it with the required nutrients to maintain your health. The aim of the detox program is to give the digestive system a rest, support liver health, recharge and cleanse your body, eliminate old toxic debris and residue from your tissues. The end result is a lighter body with boosted immunity, higher level of energy, and pure confidence because you can feel the change.
Ultra Lipo RF slimming method, on the other hand, uses ultra sound / radio frequency Ultracavitation is one of the most efficient treatments for the improvement of orange-peel skin’s appearance and to combat superficial fat and localized fat accumulation.
It consists of applying ultrasounds to the skin’s surface to produce pressure and temperature changes in the adipose tissue’s interstitial fluid.
This new therapeutic device uses higher penetration frequencies that compress the liquids without increasing the temperature. In this manner, Ultracavitation is defined as a painless, safer and more efficient treatment.
Our recommended Green Detox + Ultra Lipo are available at our Partner Clinics which are owned and managed by highly reputable Doctors who can give you the best medical advice on how to lose and maintain weight. We provide easy access to these clinics through our website, it’s just a click away to the clinic near your location.

Sign up for any treatment with any of our Partner Clinics and we will send you a Green Detox sample for free.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

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