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Introducing a wealth of health from the sea. Nutriton contains extract of Golden Sea Cucumber, which has long been highly esteemed as a marine species with miraculous medicinal properties. Coastal villagers in Langkawi Island swear by gamat extract (native name of Golden Sea Cucumber) as a remedy for cuts, wounds, pain and inflammation. It is particularly favoured by ancient doctors and midwives for post-natal and post-surgical cares because of its rendered benefits. It is quite a coincidence as well that the word "Gamat" has a keen similarity to the Philippine word "Gamot" which means "Cure or Medicine". And, this is exactly what the Nutriton range of products offer — an all natural alternative therapy.

The Miracle of Golden Sea Cucumber
Golden Sea Cucumber
Golden Sea Cucumber
This golden sea cucumber was slit at the stomach and later on soaked in the salt water. In two hours the wound area is back to normal

There are three forms of Nutriton: Nutriton Healing Gel; Nutriton + Mangosteen and Nutriton + Astaxanthin and Collagen.

In order to engage the end-user market, our Direct Sellers also have the skills and knowledge to show in lay-man’s terms the value of health and how quality of life can be achieved through proper supplements.
Nutriton Healing Gel
Nutriton Healing Gel is a topical wound healing therapy which contains extract of Golden Sea Cucumber. It is an effective multi purpose gel because it can be used from the simplest wound such as insect bites to hard healing wounds.
Applications as follows:

• Pain relief of insect bites

• Healing agent for all kinds of skin burns, cuts, wounds and ulcers

• Moisturises dry skin and chapped skin ie. Cracked heel

• Anti-fungal against ringworms & scabies

• Reduces swells and dries out ruptured skin and pimples

• Revitalizes skin surface if applied as night facial gel

• Moisturises dry skin and chapped skin ie. Cracked heel
Studies have shown the existence of high molecular weight gamapeptide complex in the water extract which acts as a cell growth factor. It helps to accelerate the repair of injured cells hence promoting rapid wound healing effect. Golden Sea Cucumber is also ricj in mucopolysaccharide which is needed for wound healing.
Results are clearly seen...
Before and after 10 days
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

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