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Green D'Tox Bilinea is a weight reduction supplement which provides a step care approach to losing weight. It contains all natural ingredients which help increase metabolism, promote a sense of fullness, utilize fat, stabilize blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and add to over- all well being.
Green D'Tox
Green D'Tox Green Detox helps to detoxify the body through its all-natural ingredients. In the process, it will help to shed off those excess pounds caused by eating too much fat. Apart from Psyllium, Spirulina and crushed fruits and vegetables — Green D'Tox, contains digestive enzymes to ensure food is broken down and converted into energy. Green D'Tox contains the three essential enzymes: Amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates and serves as a glucose balancer; Lipase for the complete digestion of fat, control high cholesterol, diabetes and balancing fatty acids; Protease for the digestion of protein and increases the production of energy. No hunger pangs, no messy maintenance, Green Detox makes clean living, really easy.
Nutri Age Nutriage is an innovative product that promotes health and beauty from within. It contains amino acids; L Arginine, L Ornithine and L Glutamine which naturally help to trigger your pituitary gland to release HGH. This in turn regulates and energizes body functions. Nutriage also contains antioxidants such Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and E, Polyphenolic antioxidants from soy and whey protein which help to counter the effects of premature aging of the skin caused by pollution and stress. This results in the breakdown of collagen as such wrinkles and fine lines start to appear.
Cenz' Derm Lotion
Cenz' Derm Lotion Cenz’ Derm Moisturizing lotion is a non-steroidal compound with hydrocortisone-like effect. It is a topical preparation for the treatment of itchiness, redness, swelling, oozing, crusting and scaling usually caused by eczema outbreak or dry skin conditions. Excellent results are seen with daily application.
Cenz' Derm Shower Cream  
Cenz' Derm Shower Liquid Soap Cenz’Derm shower cream is a liquid soap which does not contain Sodium Laureth Ethyl Sulphate (SLES). This is a commonly used surfactant in market which may cause irritation to sensitive skin and leaves skin dry. SLES provides the “sudsy or soapy” effect but it also strips the skin of moisture and oils. Cenz’ Derm is Ph neutral and specially formulated with mild cleansers and fruit surfactant (Apple) which has an excellent skin and eye tolerance, thus making it very suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin.
Nutriton Healing Gel  
Nutriton Healing Gel Nutriton Healing Gel is a topical wound healing therapy which contains extract of Golden Sea Cucumber. It is an effective multi purpose gel because it can be used from the simplest wound such as insect bites to hard healing wounds.

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