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Who We Are

Belle Femelle is a Direct Selling Company that markets safe and proven health and wellness products. Established in March 2012, we aim to be a unique direct selling company, which caters to end users and doctors. We are a cross-breed of pharmaceutical selling and direct selling.

Why do we consider ourselves a "Cross-breed"?

Pharmaceutical marketing and selling requires skills in order to be able to effectively communicate the product features and benefits to Doctors. Our Direct Sellers have the skills and knowledge to engage Doctors and provide useful clinical information regarding product use and efficacy.

In order to engage the end-user market, our Direct Sellers also have the skills and knowledge to show in lay-man’s terms the value of health and how quality of life can be achieved through proper supplements.

Our Direct Sellers are either assigned in specific territories or provided with specific accounts. This not only ensures guaranteed sales and guaranteed commissions for our Direct Sellers, but also reassures the Doctor and end-user of after sales servicing. Unlike other direct selling companies, we value the effort of our Direct Sellers and value the endorsement of our customers.

Our Advocacy

• We believe in the value of leading a healthy life and achieving a quality of life until your golden years.

• We believe that life is a gift from God, which should be treasured and maintained the natural way.

• We also believe in the value of sharing opportunities; sharing the wealth of earth, its healing properties and the abundance of life.

• We believe in this opportunity of sharing the abundance of life with others.
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